Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fancy Closet!

I am utterly obsessed with Yolanda Fosters closet! I literally love everything about it and will recreate it!

This purse collection?!?!? Yeah... I want that too! Super Fancy!

Busy, Busy, Busy...

So I feel so guilty for not posting lately, but I have been CRAZY at work! Last Friday I literally woke up at 3:00AM to catch a 6:00AM flight to Atlanta.... worked all day then caught a 10:00PM flight home! and it has been nonstop ever since with editing!

I LOVE my job so it's perfectly okay! I am the ultimate example of the saying:

"If you love your job... you'll never work a day in your life"

I am the Director of Brand Development for a new mobile network, and a Producer for it's production company, definitely a Fancy job!

I work with THE MOST amazingly talented people! The creative atmosphere gives the Libra in me a natural high! One of my favs at work is my makeup artist Jeremy he makes all my girls look AMAZE! Here are some Fancy examples of his work!

 How great is it that he works with some of my favorite reality stars?...

on some of my favorite shows!

So if your ever in the Atlanta area and need your makeup done, contact Jeremy! He travels also! Bye for now!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fancy Feet... Versace!

Being in love with a man who is 6'11", especially when you are about 5 feet takes some serious shoe height. So it is not surprising that I love platform heels. Are they a pain in the neck foot to wear? of course! That's why I always have a cute pair of ballet flats rolled up in my purse for emergencies. I recently spoke to a platform shoe lover that mentioned that she gets dermal fillers injected in the ball of her feet to make any pain non-existent, hmmmm... But I digress.

My main focus for this blog is my obsession with Versace's platform shoes!!!! It wasn't love at first sight, but boy are they growing on me! That love was "sealed with style" at a recent photo shoot I was on for work and one of the girls had the black leather bootie with the gold platform!!!! Let me just say this.... the fact that these shoes were in my size! It took every ounce of goodness in me, and the love I have for her as a friend to not permanently "borrow" these shoes! but I will have these in my life! You can bank on it!

Here is that piece of beauty along with a few others I love!

Not sure if the bottom right is from this same year, but I love it just the same! Here are a few more...

Ahhh Versace! Love what you've done with your platform!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Make Your Orchids ReBloom

Ok this is my last orchid blog for a minute, but I promised that I would make this information available. Most people buy or receive orchids (usually Phalaenopsis/Moth Orchids) and bring them home. They look beautiful when they are in bloom, but soon the flowers will fall off and a lot of people think their plant is "dead" at this point. But it is not! and here are some ways that you can promote your orchid to bloom once again.

The best way to get your orchid to rebloom, but takes MUCH LONGER is cut the spike at the base of the plant within an inch or two of where the spike started. Doing this will help the plant put its energy towards growing new roots and leaves, which should help give it a longer life. I DID NOT do this. I cut my stem at the top just under where my bottom flower sprouted.

Note: This is a picture of a white orchid notice the white around the node.

This method encouraged my stem to produce a new stem to shoot out from the next node down.
My New Stem Growing Out From The Bottom Node on The Side!
Whatever method you choose, if your stem turns yellow or brown, your orchid is telling you have no choice but to cut the stem at the base. Wherever you do decide to cut your stem, it is a good idea to put some cinnamon on the cut stem. Cinnamon naturally has antifungal properties, so just dab a bit on the spot where you made the cut. Remember also that Phal orchids usually bloom between December and May and if you happen to have a window in your bathroom, this is an ideal place to place your orchid as well. It will love the light, humidity and moisture!  Good Luck! I hope your orchids bloom again and again, and continue to make your home extra fancy!

DIY Fancy Party!

So fellow #basketballwife @ladycm14 on Instagram's, shared love for white orchids inspired today's post. I recently put together a birthday party for my friend Makeba. It was a surprise party that took place at a beautiful steakhouse that used to be a bank. I chose a private room for the 15 guests, and did a black and white theme. I will show you how you can do this event on a very small budget like I did.

I decided on white Phalaenopsis orchids, and to compliment them I chose white hydrangeas. Orchids are not that expensive at all. I saw small pots that held 2 stems of Phal orchids for $19.99 each at Whole Foods, but I found them cheaper for $5.99 at Produce Junction so I bought 4 pots and some eucalyptus greens for $4.99 (for the Hydrangea) I wanted white hydrangea to alternate the orchids down the long table...

Let me just say, Hydrangea are on the expensive end, so if you are in a warm climate or are throwing and event in the summer, I have a great money saving TIP, don't we love those???

Hydrangea are approximately $9.00 a stem... for one stem. I needed at least 12 stems, BOY DID I GET A DEAL! I went to my local Home Depot. They had all their landscaping trees and bushes displayed outside in their nursery. There I found 3 pots of white Hydrangea bushes that retailed for $29.99 a pot, but they were so neglected! In total the three pots had probably 20 stems combined though, so I asked to speak to the manager of the store and wouldn't you know they gave me those three pots for $6.99 EACH!!!! SCORE! So I bought all the pots, drug them home and put them on the balcony. Now I will say this... make sure you have an outdoor space because these plants had some buggy friends that came home with them, and make sure when you are ready to cut the stems you shake them out before bringing them in, or you will bring those friends! So that is how I ended up with $280 worth of flowers for $45.00!!!! I then went to a craft store and bought different size boxes to put the orchids and Hydrangeas in, I wrapped the boxes in cream wrapping paper (that I actually had in my closet), wrapped them with black grosgrain ribbon and glued a logo that I made for her on the boxes. Tip: I just used plastic cups filled with a little bit of water inside the cardboard boxes for the Hydrangeas, the orchids were in their own pots that was easy.

I made her logo simply by typing her initials and putting a box border around them in Microsoft Word. I bought some cream card stock paper and printed out a bunch of squares (the shape of her logo) wrapped everything in black grosgrain ribbon and glued them on everything! Favor boxes, votive candles, menus (which I also printed in Word) and glued larger versions of the logo on the boxes for the flowers. I got all these supplies at Michael's Craft Store, and I also found these beautiful gold glittered butterflies I bought for every place setting as well!

To decorate her cake, I bought a sheet of black glitter paper, I printed her "M" initial out, reversed (you can do this in your printer settings) on a plain piece of paper very large, taped it to the back of the black glitter paper and cut out the "M". I hot glued some toothpicks to it, and I also printed out some out the birthday girls favorite sayings in the shape of flags and added toothpicks to those as well.

I asked the restaurant to make me a cake and frost it with white frosting, but told them not to decorate it. I added sparklers, some of my left over black grosgrain ribbon, and a fancy border sticker I found at the craft store in the sticker/scrapbook section. The finished result...

Voila'! Finis'! Fancy!..

Hope this helps you throw a fancy event and not have to spend a fortune!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Got a Funny Question Today

As I have stated before, I am a tomboy. Sometimes, most times, I want to (I DO) just roll out of bed, throw on a pair of leggings, a pair of Jordans, a sweatshirt, and I am out the door. I am fortunate that I can wear this outfit to work as well. BUT, I have always been fascinated by the girly-girl! I secretly want to be her! The girl who always has her nails, hair, eyebrows, makeup done, the girl whose outfit is always put together, her home is immaculate.... she is living, breathing, perfection. LOL Now believe it or not, I actually do know those girls. They are most of my female associates (or at least I think they are those girls, because they are ALWAYS pulled together... and maybe they think the same of me, hmmmm???) but the amount of money they spend on being "that perfect girl" I am far too cheap to be her! So I try to be as fancy as my purse and my practicality will allow. Well... I must be doing something right.

Through My Fancy Life Instagram account I set up to promote my website, I got an extremely interesting question. Someone asked me, "Is this even your real stuff?" On Instagram I post most of the pictures that accompany my blogs that %100 represent my life, and I couldn't even imagine posting pictures faking to be someone I am not, own things that I don't, or imply that I live a life that I don't.

BUT, not only did I find the question amusing, I found it extremely flattering, All the obsessing over so many details in my life from my home looking a certain way, to what kind of car I drive, to how my outfit and accessories look (when I do decide to get dressed that day LOL) must be doing there job in facilitating me to live a Fancy Life, or at least give the impression that I do! Go Me!

And while I am not wealthy by any means, I do love nice, fancy things. So I actually have to thank IG user @fashionfrenzyy2 for noticing! and you ain't seen nothing yet!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Love of Orchids!

As I stated in an earlier post, I love orchids. My love affair started with them at a very young age in the woods of New Hampshire, where my family owned a cabin (I feel like I am writing a Hansel and Gretel story, LOL) but all of this is true! I used to love to play in the woods, I remember that they used to make me wear a bright colored rain poncho, so that the hunters would be aware that I was there. (Yes, it was those kind of woods!) So as the tomboy in me climbed rocks, and played with salamanders, the girly part of me was fascinated when I came upon this fanciness growing wild in the woods...
Lady Slipper - Cypripedium reginae 
It was a "Lady Slipper", and it was made up of the most beautiful shades of pink. I was told that it was illegal to pick it, (Chapter 266 of the General Law LOL) not that I wanted to, and it made a life-long impression on me. The girly side of me imagined that the legality of not being allowed to remove it from the forest was because they were actually "fairy shoes" and the fairies would be barefoot without them!

Fast forward to my 20's. I was actually a florist for several years when I was younger. During this time I was fortunate enough to work for a florist who specialized in orchids. (I would promote his company, had he not been such an evil jerk boss) The highlight of the experience though was that I was introduced to some of the most beautiful orchids, domestic and foreign.
Top to Bottom: Cattleya and Jade Dendrobium Orchids
Top to Bottom: Minature Epiphytic and Cymbidum Orchids

I now personally view orchids as the ultimate symbol of a well-appointed home. Whether traditional or modern, orchids, in my opinion, complement any decor and are a staple in a fancy home. But they are not easy to care for, so unless you have florist in your house budget, which most don't, healthy orchids are usually ignored and/or discarded after their blooms fall off. This is where my new hobby comes in! Recently, I have found great pleasure in rescuing these orchids, and even greater pleasure when they start to bloom again!
2 of my orchids after giving them as a present, I rescued them from the balcony ready for the trash, and they are growing!
So this is my new thing! I will gift everyone with healthy beautiful orchids, and take them back when they need me. I will care for all the unloved orchids and make them happy again and my house will be extra fancy for it!

 I WILL build a greenhouse as a lean-to in my new home...
and have you all over for tea... or wine... or cocktails... or we can just drink the wine out of teacups! Fancy!